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Child Custody Archives

Deportation risks may prompt custody arrangements

Kentucky parents who are undocumented immigrants and who fear that they risk being deported may be interested in learning that adults in similar situations are using custody arrangements to keep their kids safe should the worst come to pass. For families whose children were born in the U.S. and thus have a right to be here even though their parents don't, preparing custody transfer paperwork is emerging as a potentially viable means of long-term protection.

The benefits of shared parenting

Kentucky parents who are separated or divorced might struggle when it comes to negotiating a parenting plan that all parties are comfortable with. Even in the most amicable divorces, custody might be a sensitive issue that can extend the process and make it more expensive. One plan that might address all these concerns is shared parenting.

Nesting as a form of joint custody

Some Kentucky parents who are getting a divorce and who are concerned about how it will affect their children might want to consider a practice called nesting. This involves joint custody, but children do not go back and forth between different parents' homes. Instead, the children remain in one home, and the parents alternate living there.

Should you date while divorcing?

Getting through a divorce or a child custody dispute is difficult enough emotionally. It is unlikely that a person will go through this experience alone. In these instances, it is easy for a person to lean on someone emotionally (and perhaps romantically) for support. Because of this, some may question whether a person going through a divorce or custody matter should date someone else during this process.

Common errors parents make in custody proceedings

Kentucky parents who are seeking custody of their children during the divorce process are urged to make the proceeding about the children as opposed to about themselves. This means that a parent should not imply that the other parent doesn't deserve custody because of his or her misdeeds in a marriage or relationship. It is also important for parents to not imply that a child belongs only with one parent.

Technology and parental communication with children

If divorced Kentucky parents of young children live relatively far away from each other, there might be an agreement in place that the noncustodial parent communicates with the child using technology such as Skype, Facetime, phone calls or texting. However, in some cases, custodial parents might wonder whether they can prevent the other parent from communicating with the child in this way.

How to prepare for litigation over child custody

Parents who must go through a child custody battle as part of of their contested divorce proceeding can prepare in ways that may help their case. While it is better to avoid litigation since a parent may be unhappy with the outcome, in some cases, it cannot be avoided. Going into litigation, parents should make sure they thoroughly understand Kentucky custody laws. They might also want to work with an attorney.

When a child's custodial parent dies

If a Kentucky parent who has primary physical custody of a child dies, the other parent may apply for custody. If that parent is a father, paternity must have been established with either the father's name on the birth certificate or by an acknowledgment of paternity form signed by the father and filed with the court. If neither of these are in place, the father may have to establish paternity before beginning the process of seeking custody.

How to focus on the children during divorce

March is often a peak month for couples to file for divorce. This is according to a study done by the University of Washington. For Kentucky parents, it is important that they make their divorce one that is focused on their children. This may meant that the summer months may be easiest for the kids because parents can spend more time helping them adjust.