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Divorce Archives

Military careers and the divorce rate

The marriages of people in Kentucky who are in the military might be more vulnerable to divorce than the marriages of non-military couples according to a number of studies. For example, one career website examined census data and found that of the top 10 professions in which divorce by the age of 30 is most likely, three were military jobs. The number one profession with the highest likelihood is first-line enlisted military supervisors. Air weapons and tactical operations were the other two military professions that made the top 10.

Divorces include elements of unpredictability

Although Kentucky state laws guide divorce proceedings, no one can predict the final terms of a divorce settlement in its entirety. Filing for divorce begins a process that could include negotiations, compromises, and court rulings on matters of property division, child custody and spousal support. When former partners cannot come to legally acceptable terms privately, a family court will intervene and rulings depend on interpretations of factors like the best interests of the child and the opinions of judges.

Divorce myths may lead to poor planning

Kentucky residents who want to get divorced might benefit from reviewing some of the common misconceptions about the process before they simply dive in. Experts say that many couples make mistakes due to their lack of understanding about how divorces work. For instance, some try to save money by getting a single lawyer to represent both spouses. In reality, however, such arrangements can end up with only one person receiving appropriate representation.

How to blend families after a divorce

When Kentucky residents who have children from a previous marriage decide to join households with a new partner, there are a number of things that must be considered. Money is a frequent source of conflicts in relationships, so a couple should talk about their attitudes toward money and how they plan to save and spend. They should talk about their long-term financial goals and what they want for their children as well. This may include discussion of how to pay for college educations. Ex-spouses and grandparents may also be a factor in these discussions.

Dealing with finances during a divorce

For some Kentucky couples, getting a divorce can be a difficult process, especially when it comes to their financial situation. Both of the parties need to be able to financially survive once the marriage is officially ended. While untangling joint finances can be complex, there are certain tips that may help people get through the process until a post-divorce budget is in place.

How joint custody may be good for children

Divorced Kentucky parents who opt for joint custody may be making the best decision for their children according to dozens of studies. Research has shown that children who spend at least 35 percent of their time with each parent, as opposed to living with one parent and visiting the other, are healthier socially and psychologically. They do better in school and are less likely to abuse alcohol and drugs or smoke. They are also less prone to depression and anxiety.

Couples breaking up over Trump

There are many reasons why a Kentucky marriage may not last. While some common ones include a disagreement over finances and other incompatibilities, one study has found that couples are also getting divorced over political disagreements, particularly when they involve President Trump.

Reasons for divorce among older couples

While couples in Kentucky and throughout the country who are 50 and older might be more likely to divorce than they were in earlier generations, a closer look at statistics shows that not all marriages of older couples are equally vulnerable. Furthermore, couples younger than 50 still have a divorce rate twice that of their older counterparts.