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October 2015 Archives

Hiding assets in a divorce, Part 2

In our last post we wrote about the importance of securing a good settlement in a divorce and how divorcing individuals should be aware that in some situations it is possible that to end up with more at the end of the divorce, some spouses could be hiding assets. In this post we will provide information regarding signs that your soon-to-be ex is in fact doing this very thing.

Hiding assets in a divorce, Part 1

When a couple in the state of Kentucky decides to divorce there are multiple factors that may need to be addressed, including how assets will be divided. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding a divorce, it is possible that the division of assets will be the matter the parties to the divorce will be most concerned about. In these situations securing a fair settlement is of utmost importance. Giving away too much or not securing enough could make the start of the next part of your life more difficult than it needs to be.