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November 2015 Archives

Some changes to alimony systems driven by women

One of the matters that may need to be addressed when a couple in the state of Kentucky decides to divorce is whether either of spouses will receive alimony. Though never guaranteed, historically, more individuals-commonly women-received it than today. One law professor put the percentage of divorces that including spousal support at 10 percent today. This is significantly lower than the 25 percent of cases that included it in the 1960s.

Put children's needs first during the holiday season

With Thanksgiving next week, the kickoff to the holiday season is just around the corner. During the holiday season many people spend time with friends and family celebrating and just enjoying each other's company. While this time of year can be enjoyable for many, if not handled correctly, it can be difficult for children whose parents have split but share custody.

How a spouse with money can prepare for a divorce

In our last post we wrote about things a non-monied spouse can do to be prepared for a divorce. In most case those individuals are focused on getting their fair share in the split. Those who are on the other side of the situation-who supported the family or made significantly more than the other spouse-have other concerns related to finances, namely protecting their assets to the best of their ability. There are multiple things these individuals can do ahead of time to be prepared should the marriage come to an end.

How a non-monied spouse can prepare for divorce

Every family has its own way of operating. In some cases one spouse will stay home while the other one works. When the marriage comes to an end, both sides have different concerns. We will cover what each spouse should do leading up to a divorce to protect themselves throughout the process. In this post we will focus on the spouse who does not have a high paying job.

What happens to the house in a divorce?

In our last post we wrote about which assets will be included in what is divided in a divorce in the state of Kentucky. In that post we mentioned that for many people in that situation their house is the most expensive asset that needs to be considered. What will happen to the house varies depending on the specifics surrounding the divorce.

In some situations custody arrangement may be modified

When a Kentucky couple that has children decides to end their relationship, matters involving those children can lead to great animosity between the couple. In these situations there can be a great sense of relief when the couple gets through what could be a long and difficult process of establishing custody and child support. While it is of course important to create some stability for children regarding a living situation and secure an order regarding a child custody plan, all parties involved should be aware that under certain circumstances an order can be modified.

Alimony isn't limited to women

When a marriage ends it is possible that one spouse could end up paying alimony to the other. While traditionally it may have been husbands providing spousal support to wives, as the role of women has changed in society throughout the decades, so too have expectations involving who can seek and receive alimony. The breakup of several celebrity marriages lately, in which husbands have sought support from wives, puts this trend in focus.