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December 2015 Archives

Study finds thinking about divorce does not often result in filing

While many people want to get married, and do so, each year, few who have entered into the union would say that it is easy all of the time. Sometimes the difficulties suffered might even prompt someone to consider filing for divorce. Since January is often referred to as "divorce month," many readers may even be thinking about this now.

Things to consider before filing for divorce

The start of a new year often prompts people to assess their life and determine way in which they could make it better. While for some, this results in making changes to their diet or exercise plan, for others, the change is much bigger. Some decide it is necessary to end their marriage.

Same-sex parents seek same birth certificate rights as hetero couples

Having a child is one of the most fulfilling experiences of many people's lives. As years have passed, the makeup of family units has changed. With the legalization of same-sex marriage in some states, new challenges have arisen. One challenge involves which names are listed on the birth certificates of their children. Currently, both names of same-sex spouses do not appear on the birth certificate.

Tips for keeping your children happy when custody is shared

For most couples, going through a divorce is difficult. Moving forward is usually more difficult when the couple has children. In addition to taking care of your own needs, you also need to be concerned about how they are feeling. While it may not be possible to completely alleviate your children's sadness tied to the divorce, there are things you can do to make them feel better.

Things to consider when a retirement account is divided in a divorce

In the course of a divorce multiple assets will need to be divided. Just what those assets are will vary depending on the specifics of the marriage. While for some, the marital home is the biggest asset, in other situations, a retirement account could be at issue. This is particularly true when a couple has been married for an extended period of time.

What you need to know about alimony

Alimony, also referred to a spousal support, is awarded in some divorce situations. Though it is not automatically awarded, when it is, it could dramatically impact the lives of those involved. In this post we will provide some of the basics that someone going into this situation would benefit from knowing.

In course of divorce take steps to secure alimony

When alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is awarded it is an effort to try to level the playing field financially following a divorce. Situations in which it may be granted include when one spouse has stayed home to raise children, or in the alternative, makes significantly less than the other. The duration of the support will vary depending on the matters such as the age of the divorcing parties and the length of the marriage. While securing spousal support may be a big feat, it is not the only thing that those seeking it should be concerned about. It is also a good idea to look forward to make sure the payments are secure.

Considerations when you have a business and are divorcing

In a divorce the division of assets is often one of the most complex matters that needs to be worked through. While every situation is different, the matter can be particularly complicated when one of the spouses is an entrepreneur and has his or her own business. Though in some situations a divorce could result in the loss of a business, this is not always the case. To try to prevent this there are steps the business owner can take.