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February 2016 Archives

Grandparents' rights in Indiana

In many divorces involving children, who has custody is often a major issue that needs to be addressed. It is hard for many parents to go from seeing their children daily, to having to spend some days without seeing them at all. Parents aren't always the only members of the children's family that could have to come to terms with a different schedule for seeing the kids. Grandparents may also be impacted.

Is drop in divorce rate on the horizon?

For some, it may seem as though every time they pick up a newspaper, go online or turn on the television, there is a report about the number of marriages that end in divorce. According to numbers from the Census Bureau, in 1995, the number of individuals that lived with their spouse was 57.3 percent. Ten years later, it was down to 54.7. Last year, that number had dropped even lower, to 51.4 percent.

Planning ahead may ease pain of deciding pet custody in divorce

There is no question that pets play an important role in the lives of many. Depending upon the situation, in some cases they are considered to be a member of the family. This of course, makes the determination of what will happen to that pet difficult when a couple decides to divorce.

Do you know how to protect your assets in a divorce?

If you have decided to divorce your spouse you may be anxious to get it over with. While there is of course something to be said for moving on with your life, it is important that you not do anything to jeopardize your chance to secure a good financial settlement. In most cases this means slowing down and taking the time to consider several things.

Tips for remaining business partners following divorce

While alone, divorce is often a complex process, it is that much more difficult when in addition to being partners in marriage, those divorcing, are also partners in business. In many situations, in the course of ending the marriage and dividing assets and debts, they often opt to end their business relationship as well. Other times however, a couple may be able to keep working together despite divorcing. To make this course of action work there are several things ex-couples may need to do.

Following divorce changes to financial approach may be necessary

In most cases, following a divorce, a newly single individual will have to make multiple changes to their life. While some of these changes will be perceived as positive-such as the freedom to make your own decisions about your life-others can be harder to face. Those in the latter group include having to make changes to the way in which you approach their financial situation. The failure to do so could result in future financial problems.

How a lawyer can help during a divorce

There are many matters that need to be addressed when a marriage between two individuals who reside in the state of Kentucky, comes to an end. Because the outcome of these matters can have a great impact on the way in which the next part of life for those involved will begin, it is vital that those who find themselves in this situation make a point of having knowledgeable legal representation on their side.

Residents of Indiana resist collaborative approach in divorce

In an earlier post we wrote about the multiple options available to couples in Kentucky and Indiana seeking to end their marriage. One of the approaches we wrote about is collaborative divorce. While some couples are finding success with this method, according to recent statistics, in the state of Indiana, many people are not opting for this approach.

Divorce concerns when you are nearing retirement

In recent posts we have discussed the financial difficulties divorce can create for people. The specifics regarding why this is the case will vary from person to person but for older individuals it may be related to how they approach retirement. While planning ahead is of course always important, when someone who is divorcing has only a few years before reaching this point in life it is even more important to take steps to protect one's financial future.