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March 2016 Archives

Father of Palin's daughter obtains joint custody

Earlier this year we wrote a post about a Kentucky man who was seeking custody of the daughter he fathered with his former finance. After ending the engagement, the child’s mother—who happens to be the eldest daughter of Sarah Palin—returned to Alaska to have her baby and live, and has been there ever since. The man has yet to meet his daughter.

How to approach some co-parenting challenges

When a couple that has children decides to divorce, it is inevitable that they will need to maintain some sort of relationship with their ex. How intense that relationship will be depends upon a variety of factors including the age of the children. When the kids are very young, intensive communication between the two parents is usually required. That interaction could concern many things including the custody and visitation schedule, school and medical care. Just how difficult it will be for you to work with the other parent will vary. In this post we will provide tips on how to approach a parent who does not readily engage.

Financial support obligations could impact income tax returns

In the course of a divorce it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. Emotions that run high can make it difficult for people to see beyond the immediate future. This failure could have unintended consequences down the line for a variety of matters including financial issues such as alimony and-when the union involves children-child support.