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April 2016 Archives

Child support when wealthy parent never had custody

For many Kentucky couples who have children together, but are no longer involved in a relationship, child support can be a big issue. When the parents never lived together, and one is significantly wealthier than the other, this could be particularly true. Last month the Kentucky Supreme Court took up a case that seeks to address how best to determine the "reasonable needs" of children in this situation, when it comes to child support. 


Kevin Moser Law PLLC is happy and excited to announce that today, April 12, 2016, Governor Matt Bevin signed HB40 into law, finally bringing felony expungement in legal effect throughout Kentucky.  Governor Bevin expressed support for felony expungement at the beginning of this legislative session, and the bill passed with wide bipartisan support among the ACLU, the Chamber of Commerce, and many faith groups.