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Chris Brown gets to keep joint custody of his daughter

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Child Custody

Kentucky music fans may be interested to learn that a family court judge has denied all motions brought against R&B singer Chris Brown by the mother of his daughter. The ruling was handed down on Aug. 12.

The mother believes Brown is an unfit parent and was seeking full custody of their daughter, monitored visitation by Brown and no visitation for Brown’s mother. She also requested that Brown submit to a drug test. However, the judge denied all her motions and ordered that she reimburse Brown for the attorney fees he paid on her behalf. The ruling means the former couple’s joint custody and child support agreements will remain in place. Currently, Brown receives 12 days of unmonitored visitation with his daughter each month. He also pays $2,500 per month in child support. The mother was seeking to boost the payments to nearly $16,000 per month but withdrew her petition after losing the custody motions.

Brown and the mother have been battling over their daughter’s custody and support for a long time, and some of the singer’s fans have taken to social media to accuse his ex of being greedy. In addition to making monthly child support payments, Brown reportedly pays for his daughter’s nannies, health care and education.

Kentucky parents facing child custody disputes may want to discuss their case with a family law attorney. Legal counsel could ensure a parent’s rights are protected and negotiate agreements for visitation rights that are in the best interests of the child. If an existing order needs to be modified, an attorney could file the required paperwork with the court and advocate on the client’s behalf.


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