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December 2016 Archives

Holiday custody issues

Divorced parents who live in Kentucky often work hard to negotiate a fair agreement concerning how much time their child or children spend with each of them during the holidays. Unfortunately, some parents take advantage of holiday chaos to violate established custody agreements. Such situations can be extremely upsetting to both parents and children, and may require intervention from legal professionals as well as in some extreme cases law enforcement.

Factors that impact the accuracy of a breath test

Anyone who has ever been pulled over knows the feeling. Once those blue lights appear in your review window, your pulse starts to quicken and your nerves go through the roof. Your stress level will likely rise even higher if the law enforcement official who pulls you over thinks you have been drinking and requests that you take a breath test, which is intended to determine your blood-alcohol level and assess whether you can safely operate your vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, however, breath tests are not foolproof.

Lump-sum spousal support payments

Kentucky residents may have to deal with the possibility of having to pay alimony when they get a divorce. Most people dislike having to make ongoing alimony payments every month because it reminds them of their failed marriages on a continuing basis. One possible option that both parties might want to consider is paying the total amount of monthly alimony that the person would be ordered to pay in one lump sum.

Ex-NFL player owes child support and alimony

Football fans in Kentucky will be interested to hear that former New Orleans Saints player Robert Meachem owes nearly $400,000 in child support and alimony. Meachem, who played in the NFL for seven seasons, helped the Saints win the Super Bowl in 2010. On Nov. 28, a judge in Louisiana's Jefferson Parish determined that Meachem should be held in contempt of court due to his failure to pay the money. Meachem did not attend the court hearing.