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May 2017 Archives

How joint custody may be good for children

Divorced Kentucky parents who opt for joint custody may be making the best decision for their children according to dozens of studies. Research has shown that children who spend at least 35 percent of their time with each parent, as opposed to living with one parent and visiting the other, are healthier socially and psychologically. They do better in school and are less likely to abuse alcohol and drugs or smoke. They are also less prone to depression and anxiety.

Nesting as a form of joint custody

Some Kentucky parents who are getting a divorce and who are concerned about how it will affect their children might want to consider a practice called nesting. This involves joint custody, but children do not go back and forth between different parents' homes. Instead, the children remain in one home, and the parents alternate living there.

Couples breaking up over Trump

There are many reasons why a Kentucky marriage may not last. While some common ones include a disagreement over finances and other incompatibilities, one study has found that couples are also getting divorced over political disagreements, particularly when they involve President Trump.

Reasons for divorce among older couples

While couples in Kentucky and throughout the country who are 50 and older might be more likely to divorce than they were in earlier generations, a closer look at statistics shows that not all marriages of older couples are equally vulnerable. Furthermore, couples younger than 50 still have a divorce rate twice that of their older counterparts.

Should you date while divorcing?

Getting through a divorce or a child custody dispute is difficult enough emotionally. It is unlikely that a person will go through this experience alone. In these instances, it is easy for a person to lean on someone emotionally (and perhaps romantically) for support. Because of this, some may question whether a person going through a divorce or custody matter should date someone else during this process.

Common errors parents make in custody proceedings

Kentucky parents who are seeking custody of their children during the divorce process are urged to make the proceeding about the children as opposed to about themselves. This means that a parent should not imply that the other parent doesn't deserve custody because of his or her misdeeds in a marriage or relationship. It is also important for parents to not imply that a child belongs only with one parent.

Reality TV couple finalize their divorce

Kentucky residents who follow the popular Bravo reality television series 'The Vanderpump Rules" may be aware that two of its stars, Scheana Marie and Mike Shay, filed for divorce in November 2016. The couple vowed to remain friends and treat each other with respect when they announced that they were separating after two years of marriage, and media outlets reported in April 2017 that Marie and Shay had reached an amicable divorce settlement.

Technology and parental communication with children

If divorced Kentucky parents of young children live relatively far away from each other, there might be an agreement in place that the noncustodial parent communicates with the child using technology such as Skype, Facetime, phone calls or texting. However, in some cases, custodial parents might wonder whether they can prevent the other parent from communicating with the child in this way.

What are the penalties for a DUI?

If you face DUI charges in Indiana or Kentucky, the question of what are the potential penalties looms as a major concern. The short answer is every lawyer's favorite: it depends. Penalties for a specific case can be based on a number of factors.