Kentucky parents who are seeking custody of their children during the divorce process are urged to make the proceeding about the children as opposed to about themselves. This means that a parent should not imply that the other parent doesn’t deserve custody because of his or her misdeeds in a marriage or relationship. It is also important for parents to not imply that a child belongs only with one parent.

Making a child custody hearing about the other parent may suggest to a judge that he or she may actually be more fit to raise the child. By insisting that a child likes one parent over the other, it could imply that a parent wishes to cut the other parent out of that child’s life. In most cases, both parents are presumed to have rights to a child under the law.

Parents should refrain from talking about the case to family members and friends. It is possible that a well-meaning friend talks to the other parent in an effort to avoid a contentious battle. However, it may result in an amicable custody proceeding to become a fight between the two parents in court. Ideally, the only person a parent will talk to about custody matters is his or her attorney.

Those who are in the midst of a child custody dispute may wish to consult with an attorney. Legal counsel can provide advice as to how a parent should act in front of a judge, the other parent and the child. This may increase the odds of obtaining a favorable ruling in the matter. Legal counsel may also present any evidence that a client has that the other parent is a potential danger to the child’s mental or physical health.