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Month: July 2017

Month: July 2017

Dealing with the legalities of divorce

For many Kentucky couples who decide they no longer want to be married, getting a divorce may be the right decision. In fact, it is actually easy to dissolve a marriage now than ever before. This is due to the change in divorce legalities over the last few decades. In...

Military careers and the divorce rate

The marriages of people in Kentucky who are in the military might be more vulnerable to divorce than the marriages of non-military couples according to a number of studies. For example, one career website examined census data and found that of the top 10 professions...

Divorces include elements of unpredictability

Although Kentucky state laws guide divorce proceedings, no one can predict the final terms of a divorce settlement in its entirety. Filing for divorce begins a process that could include negotiations, compromises, and court rulings on matters of property division,...

3 types of field sobriety tests

With summer fully underway, there is no better time to break out the grill and enjoy the company of friends and family. You might have a few drinks, too, as you enjoy a relaxing evening. If you drive home, though, you might find yourself behind bars and facing charges...

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