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Month: January 2018

Month: January 2018

How to create a financial plan after a divorce

Kentucky residents who are ending their marriages have to create a plan that meets multiple financial objectives. At the same that they are funding their divorces, it is also necessary to create a financial plan for life afterwards. Ideally, both parties will review...

Negotiating a divorce settlement

Kentucky residents who are going through a divorce may feel that negotiating a final divorce settlement is a daunting task. There are several ways to make the process easier for everyone involved. An important first step for anyone facing divorce is to spend time...

Kentucky repeat DUI offenders face tough penalties

If you live in Kentucky, received a conviction for driving under the influence in the past and are now facing a new DUI charge, know that harsher penalties may be in your future. The Supreme Court of Kentucky recently upheld a law passed last year extending the period...

The seasonality of divorce

The beginning of a new year sparks plans for new diets, exercise routines and self-care regimens. It also triggers a wave of divorce. There are certain predictors that can determine who is most likely to divorce, and there are similar trends that may predict when...

Modifying a custody agreement

One of the most critical aspects of a divorce involving children is deciding child custody. Though a custody agreement may work at first, circumstances may change that make new arrangements a necessity. It is important that parents understand the various aspects of...

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