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March 2018 Archives

The uses of a parenting agreement

When Kentucky parents of young children divorce, they may need to create a parenting agreement. In such a document, parents put into writing their agreements on a number of topics including a visitation schedule, where the child will go to school, who will be responsible for the child's medical care, who the child will spend which holidays with and any other concerns the parents have.

Divorce over 50 can bring financial burden

People in Kentucky who decide to divorce after 50 can experience some additional financial hardships and consequences due to the changes to major financial plans as people approach the end of their working years. When people make a decision to divorce later in life, this means that both partners have a limited opportunity to rebuild their finances after the separation of assets that accompanies a divorce. Retirement accounts that both parties are relying on to support them throughout their elder years will now need to support two separate households, potentially doubling the amount of expenses covered from the same pool of assets.

Retirement funds are a key aspect of property division

Kentucky couples going through divorce must often deal with challenging financial predicaments. This can be especially true when it comes to retirement accounts, which can represent a major asset held by the couple as part of their marital property. When surveyed in 2016, 62 percent of divorce lawyers said that issues about retirement funds are the most contentious for their clients.

Outside factors that can impact Breathalyzer accuracy

If you live in Kentucky or Indiana and a law enforcement officer stops you and believes you consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel, chances are, he or she will request that you take a breath test. Conducted using devices called Breathalyzers, breath tests reveal your blood alcohol concentration to see if it surpasses the legal threshold in your state.

Protecting finances in the event of a future divorce

When two Kentucky residents decide to get married, they may not be thinking about how they can protect their financial future in the event they get divorced later on. Many people do not like to think about creating a prenuptial agreement or other ways to protect their money when they are planning a wedding, especially since for some individuals, it can feel like this leads to expectations that the marriage will fail.