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April 2018 Archives

Tips for getting finances in order before a divorce

People in Kentucky who are thinking about getting a divorce might want to take a look at their marital finances first. One important step may be getting copies of important financial documents such as paperwork for retirement and investment accounts, tax returns and bank statements. These should be placed somewhere safe.

Outsourcing housework can prevent divorce for some

While many Kentucky couples may not think that chores could be a divisive topic when it comes to the beginning of a relationship, they may be interested to learn that it is often a major factor in the ending of one. According to a Harvard Business School study, 25 percent of divorced couples reported that housework disagreements were the main reason for the split.

Helping children through a divorce

Kentucky parents who are going through a divorce will need to ensure that the needs of their children are met during a difficult time. They should refrain from treating their sons or daughters like confidants or rely on them as a support system. As a general rule, they are unable to provide such support. A parent should be sure to never say anything bad about the child's other parent when spending time with the child.