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Month: April 2018

Month: April 2018

How nesting may work in some divorces

Some parents in Kentucky who are going through a divorce might want to look into a trend in child custody called bird nesting. This involves having the children stay put in one home while the parents take turns living there. While this is not an approach that will...

Helping children through a divorce

Kentucky parents who are going through a divorce will need to ensure that the needs of their children are met during a difficult time. They should refrain from treating their sons or daughters like confidants or rely on them as a support system. As a general rule,...

DUIs and license suspensions in Indiana

A DUI charge is a serious accusation to face. It may be helpful to have a solid criminal defense to decrease the impact of the charges and possible conviction. Even with a great defense, it is good to be familiar with the different aspects of a criminal charge....

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