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May 2018 Archives

Some reasons for divorce among older couples

The divorce rate is on the rise for people who are 50 and older, and for people in Kentucky and throughout the country, there could be a number of reasons for it. Many of the couples in this age group are baby boomers. The size of this generation is one reason for the increase. People are also living longer, and this means that they may be less likely to remain in marriages where they are unhappy even if they are older.

Simple solutions to paying college tuition after divorce

College tuition may be the costliest expense parents pay for their children. Although many parents struggle to help their children pay for college, divorced couples face additional obstacles. With two separate households to maintain, Kentucky parents have less money to spend on tuition. However, those who establish a plan to cover the costs of college when their children are young, before they consider divorce, may find it easier to manage.

Filmmaker examines child support system and race

Some Kentucky fathers may be struggling to pay child support because their income is too low for the amount they have been ordered to pay. According to a study by the Urban Institute, the income range for 70 percent of parents who are behind in child support is under $10,000. Some of those parents have no income in at all.

What to know about being a custodial parent

Generally speaking, a child's custodial parent is the one he or she lives with most of the time. However, Kentucky parents shouldn't assume that this is always the case. A court may require a parent to actually file for custody in family court even if the other parent isn't supporting the child financially or in other ways. This can be done either with an attorney or by filing pro se without one.

Why you should hire a DUI defense attorney

It is not uncommon for Ft. Mitchell motorists who are arrested for DUIs to believe they are out of options. As frightening as this situation may seem, it is important for them to keep a clear head so they can learn actions to take to fight their criminal charges. Whether it is their first run-in with law enforcement does not matter. There are legal resources for them to consider that can help their outcome.