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Month: July 2018

Month: July 2018

How to keep emotions in check during a divorce

Divorce can be an emotional time for Kentucky residents and anyone else going through it. Therefore, it can be tempting to try and win the divorce by any means necessary. Of course, the truth is that no one really wins in a divorce even if most people claim that their...

Divorce support obligations and bankruptcy

Divorced parents in Kentucky who get a divorce may be financially overwhelmed. In addition to debts like credit cards, they may also have past-due alimony or child support payments. While the bankruptcy process cannot be used to eliminate delinquent domestic support...

Divorce and finances

Women in Kentucky who get a divorce may already be aware that the process could have a negative impact on their finances. However, they should also be prepared for any unexpected financial developments that are likely to occur. A survey of 1,785 women was conducted to...

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