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September 2018 Archives

Understanding the health-related impact of gray divorce

Choosing to untie the knot can have a serious health-related impact on anyone in Kentucky regardless of age. This is why it ranks as the number two stressor on a scale that predicts what life events are most likely to result in a stress-induced breakdown within a two-year period. For couples 50 and over, uncoupling can be even more impactful on health. What's more, while divorce rates have fallen for people 40 and under, they have doubled for older adults since 1990 - a phenomenon often referred to as "gray divorce."

Birth certificates without fathers raise child custody questions

The legal system in Kentucky has yet to catch up with the fact that an increasing number of children are not born to married parents. Current births to unmarried parents account for 40 percent of births. In 2007, the rate of births to unmarried parents was only 18 percent. The trend has raised the number of birth certificates that do not list fathers.

Divorce doesn't get easier to manage with age

Research indicates that women who come from divorced families are 60 percent more likely to go through a divorce themselves. For men who come from divorced families, it's 35 percent. Kentucky couples who have beaten the odds by staying married until they reach an older age need to be acutely aware of these risks. That's because divorce has become more socially acceptable and common, and this is especially true for couples past the age of 60.

Tips for a secure retirement after divorce

A study released in June may seem to seem suggest that women in Kentucky who get a divorce should try to get the marital home, but experts say property division and maintaining financial security is more complicated than that. Some past studies have shown that women tend to suffer financially after their divorce, but women who keep a home after a divorce might be more financially secure than single women.

What can we include in our prenuptial agreement?

As you and your beloved attend to all the details inherent in a Kentucky wedding, probably the last thing on your mind is a prenuptial agreement. Admittedly, you have far more reason to want to think happy thoughts about wedding and bridesmaid dresses, tuxes for the groom and groomsmen, the perfect venue, flowers, your guest list, etc. However, given that the U.S. divorce rate has held steady at around 50 percent since the 1980s, you should not ignore the potential reality of your marriage ending in divorce. Drafting and signing a prenup now could save both of you a good deal of anger, frustration, acrimony and heartache in the future