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October 2018 Archives

3 tips for avoiding a repeat DUI conviction during the holidays

If you have an existing DUI conviction on your criminal record, you know how much trouble it can cause for your life. However, that may not necessarily prevent you from drinking and driving again. The temptation to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel can be strong, even if you know the consequences. 

Statistcs show an increase in drug-related traffic fatalities

As drivers in Kentucky already know, laws regarding driving under the effect of alcohol have been on the books for decades. Likewise, the means for testing a motorist are also long established. As more states are legalizing the use of marijuana, and an opiate epidemic has developed in the country, federal regulators are seeking standardized tests for use in the field.

Handling DUI checkpoints in Kentucky

Generally, police officers must have probable cause to stop a driver on suspicion of DUI. Thus, they must observe some indication, however minimal, of impairment, recklessness or violation of traffic rules.

Dealing with finances during a "gray divorce"

A growing number of older Americans in Kentucky and across the country are choosing to end their marriages. While divorce rates have held steady or even declined across the American population as a whole, "gray divorce" rates have doubled since 1990 for people age 50 and older. As is the case for younger couples, divorce is more likely when a couple is married for a second time or when they have only been together for a few years. However, many older couples divorcing have been together for many years or even decades.