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November 2018 Archives

The level of conflict helps determine custodial arrangements

Kentucky parents headed for divorce or separation are typically most concerned about the custody arrangements for their children. Depending upon the nature of the relationship between the parents, custodial agreements can take various forms. When parents get along well or have demonstrated an ability to set differences aside for the benefit of children, a true co-parenting relationship can exist. Such an arrangement involves having a general agreement regarding what is best for the kids and a willingness to make that a priority above all else.

What to consider when ending a marriage

For those about to get divorced in Kentucky or anywhere else in the United States, it may be a good idea to finalize it by the end of 2018. This is because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) calls for the tax treatment of alimony to change starting on the first day of 2019. However, if a divorce is finalized before then, the terms of the split can be changed while maintaining the status quo regarding alimony.

Prenups aren't only for the ultra-rich

People in Kentucky rarely want to think about the potential of divorce while they're still engaged in wedding planning. Nevertheless, planning can help people to avoid bigger problems further down the road, even for people of modest means. When people think of prenuptial agreements, they often think of celebrity news or heirs to family fortunes. However, many people can benefit from developing prenups to protect their interests in the case that their relationship changes in the future.

Tips for avoiding financial mistakes during divorce

People who live in Kentucky and who are getting a divorce may make some common financial mistakes if they are not careful. For example, some people might be tempted to go on a spending spree during or just after a divorce. While this may be satisfying in the short term, those bills will need to be paid eventually.

What to do about visitation concerns

Noncustodial parents living in Kentucky or any other state are generally allowed to see their children. Courts grant visitation rights to noncustodial parents in an effort to nurture an important bond between the parent and child. However, custodial parents may worry about the health and safety of their children during these periods of visitation. In some cases, a custodial parent can refuse to let a son or daughter visit with the other parent.