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January 2019 Archives

Mistakes to avoid when divorce is on the horizon

If you are headed to divorce court in Fort Mitchell soon, you may want to closely monitor what you do and say. People often change when their marriage is ending. They lose considerations and respect for their partners and say and do things to make the divorce process more difficult to handle. This is likely a time of considerable uncertainty and confusion, and there are plenty of mistakes you could make if you are not careful.

How to create a parenting schedule that puts children first

Parents in Kentucky who are getting a divorce may create a parenting schedule, or a judge might make one for them. These negotiations may be difficult for parents, but they should be aware that if they go to court, one parent could end up with even less time with the child than the other parent originally offered.

Law enforcement targeting traffic violators to make drug busts

Individuals driving through Kentucky should be aware that simple traffic violations could escalate into much more serious charges if they happen to be transporting drugs. For example, the Scott County Sheriff's Office recently announced that law enforcement officers arrested three people traveling on I-75 within hours of each other. They were each allegedly carrying drugs in their vehicles.

Former basketball star accused of drunk driving

Former basketball star Felton Spencer was arrested in the early morning hours of Jan. 6 in Kentucky's Oldham County for allegedly driving under the influence. The 51-year-old man, previously a University of Louisville athletic standout and then an NBA player, was found sleeping in the driver's seat of his vehicle at 2:28 a.m. He had stopped in a gas station in the town of Prospect, according to Oldham County police, before falling asleep in his 2006 Ford Expedition.

More divorces for spouses with unequal physical attractiveness

For the most part, people in Kentucky have an innate sense of how attractive they are compared to others. Research indicates that most people seek partners of relatively the same level of physical attractiveness. This approach might set them up for eventual success in marriage because studies show that men with wives with better looks than them have a greater risk of divorce.

Why joint custody is beneficial for children

As Kentucky parents go through the divorce process, they often focus on how the separation may affect their children. This is especially important when considering questions of child custody. There is a line of thought that says that granting sole custody to the mother is in the best interests of the child. Individuals who share this philosophy believe that infants and toddlers fare better when they are able to spend the night in the same home as their mothers. This has led to a number of fathers accepting an arrangement where the mother has sole custody.