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Month: February 2019

Month: February 2019

Divorcing in 2019? Know these new tax laws

While divorcing at any time impacts the manner in which you must file your taxes, those who divorce in 2019 or after face additional tax considerations as a result of recent law changes. Some of the new tax laws that recently took effect can have a substantial impact...

Prenuptial tips for a second marriage

Prenuptial agreements are often a topic of discussion for Kentucky newlyweds. Dealing with the merging of property can be difficult for people getting married for the first time. However, property issues are typically far more complicated for partners getting married...

Is speeding always speeding?

It is usually not enjoyable to get pulled over on a Kentucky road and get a speeding ticket. All forms of speeding are not the same. Throughout the United States, there are three variants of speed limits. There is the basic speed limit, an absolute speed limit and a...

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