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March 2019 Archives

Getting a divorce is more expensive than many think

Individuals in Kentucky going through the divorce process know that getting a divorce is never an easy thing. When a couple decides to end their marriage, they can face emotional distress and societal pressures. There are also legal fees and other expenses that add to the challenge of getting a divorce. When a couple plans ahead, there are steps they can take to save money on their divorce.

Claiming dependents after a divorce

For many Kentucky residents, claiming dependents on their tax returns is not likely to present any issues. However, in situations in which multiple people are claiming the same dependents, such as when separated or divorced parents both claim their children, the process can become complicated, requiring the Internal Revenue Service to step in and closely examine the returns to make a decision regarding which of the claims should be accepted.

How social media can impact a divorce case

Social media is a tool that most people use or have some sort of exposure to. Therefore, it can have a profound impact on divorce cases. According to Web Preserver, 81 percent of attorneys found evidence on social media that they could use in court. Furthermore, roughly one-third of legal action that occurs in a divorce happens because of affairs that take place online.