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May 2019 Archives

Parenting teens successfully post divorce

The divorce process means making many changes, particularly if there are children involved. This process can be even more challenging for many Kentucky parents when it includes co-parenting teenagers. There are some things, however, that parents should avoid, to continue providing a safe, supportive environment for their teenagers as they grow.

Eligibility for spousal retirement benefits after divorce

Many Kentuckians rely on Social Security for retirement income. A married individual is eligible to take spousal benefits if their spouse's benefits are higher than their own. Those who are divorced may also be able to collect spousal benefits accumulated from the work records of a former spouse if they meet certain conditions.

Ketosis and false positive breath tests

Kentucky residents who have certain medical conditions might blow a false positive on breath tests, but there is some disagreement about how accurate the different types of tests may be. Ketosis, which is a state that a low-carb diet can put people into, may cause people to breathe out isopropyl alcohol, and some breath tests might not distinguish this from ethanol alcohol. Diabetes and GERD are among the other conditions that could lead to a similar false positive.

Financial disparity can put pressure on marriages

An increasing number of married couples in Kentucky consists of high-earning women. Some of these women are married to men who also earn high incomes while others outearn their partners. Despite the advances made over the years to advance gender equality in the workplace, social attitudes persist that can put additional pressure on couples with financial disparities, especially when the wife makes more than the husband. While some of the problems these couples face are common among all pairs with widely different incomes, others were more frequently found among this group.