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August 2019 Archives

How some spouses might try to conceal assets in divorce

During a divorce, spouses are supposed to reveal all of their assets and debts for the purpose of property division. Signs that a spouse in Kentucky may be attempting to hide assets could include taking money out of a shared account, showing a sudden interest in cryptocurrency or even investing in art and antiques.

New marriages can strain co-parenting arrangements

Family law judges in Kentucky and around the country tend to favor co-parenting arrangements whenever possible because research shows that the children of divorce are less likely to develop emotional or behavioral problems when they spend time with both of their parents. Divorced parents are usually able to put their differences aside when the welfare of their children is at stake, but even the most amicable child custody and visitation arrangements can become difficult when one of the parents remarries.

How older adults can manage the stress of divorce

People who are 50 and older have higher divorce rates than younger couples, and the stress of the process can take its health toll. Most older adults who divorce are between the ages of 50 and 64, but people also divorce in their 70s and beyond. Older people in Kentucky who are getting a divorce can take steps to safeguard their health.

Some of the top reasons for divorces

A study that was published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy suggests that views of marriage and the reasons people file for divorce are shifting. While in the past divorces were often prompted by such behavior as violence or infidelity, the study indicated that more people are leaving marriages because they do not feel emotionally fulfilled. This also could indicate a fundamental change in how marriage is viewed to one in which intimacy, communication and respect are crucial.

How to use social media during a divorce

Kentucky residents shouldn't feel as if they can't use social media if they are married. However, it is important that they use discretion when they post something that others can see. For instance, it is rarely a good idea to say something negative about a partner. If a negative post is published, it may be worth trying to delete it. This may be especially true if someone is about to be involved in a divorce.