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Month: June 2020

Month: June 2020

How Indiana determines child custody

Indiana law presumes that both parents have a legal right to time with their minor children, as well as a responsibility to support children financially. Divorcing spouses can make a parenting plan that fits their needs or ask the court to do so if they cannot agree. ...

Why does divorce decline during the summer?

When you look at divorce statistics, there are two major spikes during the year. The first is in February and the second is in August. There is a massive decline in the late fall, and almost no one gets divorced in December.  That said, the greatest period in which...

Why getting married young doesn’t work

The statistics show that getting married at a young age -- in your teens or very early 20s -- often leads to divorce. Teen marriage in particular has a very high divorce rate. Why don’t these relationships work? One reason is just that young people still change and...

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