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Month: August 2020

Month: August 2020

Teen marriage and divorce rates in Kentucky

A person in Kentucky, as in the rest of the United States, becomes a legal adult at age 18. This means that they’re free to do as they please, without parental permission. In the scope of teen marriage, then, most of these marriages happen at 18 or 19 years old....

4 requirements for a legal DUI checkpoints

If officers suspect a motorist may be driving under the influence of alcohol, they can stop the driver’s vehicle. Sometimes, though, law enforcement agencies set up sobriety roadblocks. At these checkpoints, officers stop all or many vehicles to determine if drivers...

How to successfully co-parent after divorce

While your marriage may be in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never speak with your ex-spouse again. For example, if you’re co-parenting after divorce, you both will have to do whatever you can to provide your children with a stable environment in which...

Can the police search your car?

You run a stop sign. You see it at the last second, and it’s too late to stop. Fortunately, no one else is at the intersection, so there is no accident. However, a police officer sees you run the sign and pulls you over. If that officer then asks to search your car,...

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