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Month: January 2022

Month: January 2022

Debt distribution and divorce

Divorce can have a drastic impact on each ex-spouse’s financial situation. Between court fees, household income fluctuations and asset division, it is likely that you will experience changes in your finances. Assets often take center stage in discussions of divisible...

Will bird nesting work for you?

When looking through co-parenting options, you have likely come across the term "bird nesting". This unique housing situation has helped numerous families of divorce especially in recent years, and it may even help you, too. However, it is important to understand all...

Unusual ruling in Kentucky divorce case

With lenient rules for allowing for divorce in Kentucky, the courts routinely grant divorce wishes for couples wanting to end a marriage. The laws of the state allow for divorce when the parties cannot find a way forward. However, language in Kentucky laws also...

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