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How can you support an imprisoned loved one?

Having a loved one in prison may fill you with concern about his or her well-being and ability to cope. You may desire to provide support, encouragement and comfort. Your effort to show support can make a considerable difference in the type of experience your family...

What is parallel parenting?

Parents often have higher stakes in divorce situations due to the presence of children. Naturally, both parents want to share involvement in their child's life, playing an active role and seeing the progression through all major milestones. While the conflict of...

Indiana’s criminal mischief offenses

The word "mischief" conjures up images of playfulness and pranks, but Indiana law uses the term "criminal mischief" to define a number of activities that can result in serious penalties.  Here are the charges for violating Indiana Code 35-43-1-2 criminal mischief...

Opioid abuse in Kentucky

Opioid abuse has reached a crisis level throughout the United States. However, it is more prevalent in some areas of the country than in others. Unfortunately, Kentucky is one of the states that the crisis has hit very hard. Over the past 20 years, opioids have...

What should you include in an appeal letter?

Facing criminal charges for a crime you did not commit can impact your life in detrimental ways. You may lose your job, watch important relationships deteriorate and feel the judgment from people whose trust you have lost. One of your rights is the right to file an...

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