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What is Criminal Rule 26?

As police reform swept the country, many states started enacting new legislation. Many times, new laws addressed the bail process. When officers arrest someone for a crime or on a warrant, they end up in jail. They cannot leave until a judge sets bail and they pay it....

Do you know your Miranda rights?

If you are like most people, you likely believe that you must always answer a law enforcement officer’s questions. Actually, such is not the case. While you must always produce identification when asked for it, you have no legal obligation to answer any further...

Kentucky drug court – An overview

Substance abuse affects people throughout the state and across the country. Unfortunately, the disease of addiction may result in people facing serious criminal charges. However, the state has implemented sentencing options, such as the drug court program, to help...

Can the police search your car?

You run a stop sign. You see it at the last second, and it’s too late to stop. Fortunately, no one else is at the intersection, so there is no accident. However, a police officer sees you run the sign and pulls you over. If that officer then asks to search your car,...

Assault and battery charges and defenses in Indiana

What started out as a great night on the town with your friends turned ugly fast. You ended up in a fight. Some threats were made, fists started flying, punches were thrown -- and you wound up arrested. Now that all of the fuss has settled, you’re understandably...

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