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Divorce Archives

Dealing with job loss when a marriage ends

Kentucky couples going through a divorce usually hope to avoid added stress during this time of transition. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances happen, such as one spouse losing a job. This change of dynamics can affect everything from how spousal or child support payments are handled to the preparation of settlement agreements.

Co-parenting is not realistic for everyone

Even under the best possible circumstances, divorce can be difficult. Although a Kentucky couple may agree that beginning a new life living apart is the right path, issues such as property division and spousal support often trigger disagreement, but child custody and support present issues that can last well into the future. Ultimately, cooperation on some level must be arrived at, but some individuals are so unrealistic and selfish that there is little room for conciliation and compromise.

Eligibility for spousal retirement benefits after divorce

Many Kentuckians rely on Social Security for retirement income. A married individual is eligible to take spousal benefits if their spouse's benefits are higher than their own. Those who are divorced may also be able to collect spousal benefits accumulated from the work records of a former spouse if they meet certain conditions.

Financial disparity can put pressure on marriages

An increasing number of married couples in Kentucky consists of high-earning women. Some of these women are married to men who also earn high incomes while others outearn their partners. Despite the advances made over the years to advance gender equality in the workplace, social attitudes persist that can put additional pressure on couples with financial disparities, especially when the wife makes more than the husband. While some of the problems these couples face are common among all pairs with widely different incomes, others were more frequently found among this group.

How to protect a credit score during divorce

There are steps that people in Kentucky can take to keep divorce from damaging their credit score. This damage is primarily the result of two issues. One is that it is not uncommon for people to struggle financially after a divorce. The other is that what is written in a divorce settlement is irrelevant to creditors; they will pursue people for debt if that debt is in their name even if an ex-spouse is supposed to pay all or part of a debt.

Issues that could result in a divorce

There are many reasons why a marriage may not last. However, there are several common factors that could predict whether one will end in divorce. For instance, if Kentucky residents have contempt for their partners, it may lead to problems communicating. A lack of communication can lead to disagreements and misunderstandings that erode the foundation of a successful relationship.

Steps to take after a divorce has been finalized

Kentucky residents who have recently finalized their divorce may feel a sense of relief. Despite wanting to get on with their new life, they need to properly divide up assets and take other steps in a timely fashion. Even though the divorce decree may be in their hands, there are still tasks to be accomplished.

Going through a divorce as a business owner

For estranged Kentucky couples with a family business, the divorce process can include additional complications. It is often associated with legal, financial, and practical entanglements as well as the emotional concerns. However, for spouses that own a family business, especially one of significant value or major personal attachment, it can carry additional challenges. Dividing the family business can be particularly complex when it is the most valuable asset owned by the couple.