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Ketosis and false positive breath tests

Kentucky residents who have certain medical conditions might blow a false positive on breath tests, but there is some disagreement about how accurate the different types of tests may be. Ketosis, which is a state that a low-carb diet can put people into, may cause people to breathe out isopropyl alcohol, and some breath tests might not distinguish this from ethanol alcohol. Diabetes and GERD are among the other conditions that could lead to a similar false positive.

Former basketball star accused of drunk driving

Former basketball star Felton Spencer was arrested in the early morning hours of Jan. 6 in Kentucky's Oldham County for allegedly driving under the influence. The 51-year-old man, previously a University of Louisville athletic standout and then an NBA player, was found sleeping in the driver's seat of his vehicle at 2:28 a.m. He had stopped in a gas station in the town of Prospect, according to Oldham County police, before falling asleep in his 2006 Ford Expedition.

Statistcs show an increase in drug-related traffic fatalities

As drivers in Kentucky already know, laws regarding driving under the effect of alcohol have been on the books for decades. Likewise, the means for testing a motorist are also long established. As more states are legalizing the use of marijuana, and an opiate epidemic has developed in the country, federal regulators are seeking standardized tests for use in the field.

Blood alcohol concentration in drunk driving cases

Government crash statistics reveal that 29 road users die each day in accidents involving motorists under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Police departments in Kentucky and around the country draw blood or use sophisticated breath testing equipment to find out whether or not drivers consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel and determine their blood alcohol concentrations, and the results of these tests are usually the key pieces of evidence in drunk driving cases.

Drinking at a holiday party? Follow these 3 tips to avoid a DUI

The holiday season is here, which means you will probably attend a party or two. While a Christmas or New Year's celebration is a great way to fill your life with joy, you should be careful if alcohol is involved. According to a report by TODAY, police step up their driving under the influence patrols and checkpoints during the holiday season. This is a time that should be cheerful for you. You do not want to end up in police custody after a party.

3 types of field sobriety tests

With summer fully underway, there is no better time to break out the grill and enjoy the company of friends and family. You might have a few drinks, too, as you enjoy a relaxing evening. If you drive home, though, you might find yourself behind bars and facing charges of a DUI. According to the Center for Disease Control, between 1.4 and 2 percent of adults in Indiana and Kentucky admit to driving after they have drunk too much.