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The adversarial and emotional nature of divorce proceedings can sometimes result in allegations of domestic violence and abuse. In Indiana, the well-being of children involved in divorce proceedings is always paramount. As a result of this concern, the law has recognized a need for formal programs and processes designed to address issues of child abuse and neglect.

Protecting children from abuse and neglect in the home, or from unjust removal from the home, is our priority at . If you are facing these issues, we encourage you to seek counsel from an experienced Indiana child abuse attorney as soon as possible. We are here to help.

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Who Is A Child In Need Of Services (CHINS)?

A child may be considered a “CHINS” child if he or she has been injured or is endangered by the activity of his or her parents or home life.

Examples of this endangerment include if the child is missing, is exposed to drug activity in the home (i.e., a home where drugs are manufactured), is born with disorders due to the mother’s alcohol or drug activity or has been a victim of sexual abuse.

A child may also be considered a CHINS if he or she is notably disruptive in school and his or her parents are unwilling or unavailable to participate in disciplinary action.

Indiana’s Child Protective Services (CPS)

When CPS receives accusations of child abuse or neglect, an investigation follows. These investigations may or may not be substantiated by true instances of abuse and neglect, but the program is designed to respond as if a real problem could exist. This, of course, is done in an effort to protect children above all else, but in some cases, it can lead to the unjust separation of families.

To address this issue, Indiana also has a Family Preservation Program that assists in preventing separation and in reunifying children and parents who have been separated. The program helps parents identify problems and counsels them through various education programs, treatment programs and visitation schedules that facilitate a safe and stable home life for the child.

How Can I Make Sure My Family Has The Best Chance For Success?

CPS and CHINS investigations can be frustrating and intimidating. Your family needs a strong voice and advocate to make sure the issues that matter most to you are addressed. At , we can inform you of your rights and present a strong case for your family’s unique needs.

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