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Indiana law recognizes the value of the grandparent/grandchild relationship, particularly in cases where one parent has passed away or the child otherwise needs guardianship because of his or her own parent’s absence. Even if these scenarios do not apply, however, grandparents have legal means to pursue visitation rights and just generally foster a positive relationship with their grandchildren.

At Kevin Moser Law, PLLC, we take great pride in helping families find results in complex parental rights cases. While the majority of grandparent visitation cases we handle involve helping grandparents, some cases require protection for parents who have reason to stop those relationships from forming.

No matter what, children are our priority and we do our best to offer tough but fair representation so their needs, above all else, are met.

What Will Determine Whether Or Not I Can Gain Visitation Rights?

Grandparent rights and the pursuit of visitation involve many technical details, such as:

  • Whether or not the child is adopted
  • Whether or not the child’s parents are married and if paternity has been established
  • Whether or not there is a history of abuse or if the grandparents are inclined to violate existing orders to help an abusive parent see his or her child
  • Whether or not the grandparent’s child (the minor child’s parent) has passed away

Furthermore, the court may choose to review the situation with the grandchild directly, and determine whether or not the child is of an age to influence the outcome of these proceedings.

Every case is different. Discuss your concerns with an experienced lawyer directly at Kevin Moser Law, PLLC. Attorney Kevin Moser personally handles cases for clients in Ft. Mitchell, Lawrenceburg and other communities throughout southern Indiana and Kentucky.

To arrange a free initial consultation, reach us online or by telephone at 812-497-4836 or 866-586-7577 toll free.


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