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Find A Better Solution When You Have Been Charged With A Drug Offense

Drug laws across the United States have been on a steady path toward more severe penalties, steeper fines, longer prison sentences and fewer attempts to address the underlying causes of drug crimes. Kentucky is a notable exception in this trend.

Kentucky drug court provides a way for eligible offenders to enter substance abuse treatment programs in lieu of spending time in jail. Not only does this help society at large spend less money on disciplinary action in the criminal justice system, but it also gives the individuals who have been charged a way to build a more positive and successful future.

At , we help people pursue criminal defense options through drug court proceedings in an effort to have sentences reduced and otherwise make sure this brush with the law is their last one. A drug charge does not have to result in a lifetime of consequences. As a long-standing Ft. Mitchell lawyer,  can help you achieve reduced charges, reduced sentences, dropped charges and other more favorable outcomes.

You may be eligible for drug court alternatives if you are facing a nonviolent drug charge, you are eligible for probation or diversion, or if you are clinically suffering from substance abuse and this is your first attempt at a drug court program.

Drugs And Domestic Violence

Some drug crimes or substance abuse issues are inherently linked to violent activity, particularly in personal relationships. We help people who face domestic violence charges correlated with drug use find a way to overcome these issues while preserving important familial relationships, such as a parent/child relationship.

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