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Protecting Children And Preserving Families

Some of the most contentious divorces and child custody battles involve domestic violence. In Kentucky, if there are suspicions or allegations of child abuse or neglect toward a child, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services is legally obligated to step in to protect the child by performing an investigation.

What happens at this point will dramatically influence your child’s well-being and your family’s security. If you have been accused of neglect or are worried about your child, work with an experienced Kentucky child abuse lawyer who will give you the attention and quality representation you need during this difficult time.

No matter where you stand in protecting your child, we will be here to help you through the process. This process typically involves:

  • Notification to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services that abuse or neglect may be taking place, which may happen anonymously via a Child Abuse Hotline or by notification from teachers, doctors, friends or family members.
  • Mandatory investigation by a social worker to assess whether or not there is reason to believe abuse or neglect is taking place.
  • Filing a petition for and presenting evidence of abuse or neglect in a temporary removal hearing, which determines if a child should be temporarily placed in the custody of another family member or, sometimes, in foster care.
  • Presentation of evidence in bench trial, which determines whether or not the temporary removal was justified.
  • A final hearing (disposition) where the court determines a remedy for the situation, which may involve termination of parental rights or reunification of the parent and child.

Kentucky courts are motivated to keep families together when possible, so they may order rehabilitative services for the parent or supervised visitation rights to make sure the parent/child relationship is preserved as much as possible while still creating a safe environment for the child.

Even if it feels like there is no way to remedy the situation, there probably is. Contact an attorney at , to discuss your options and how we can help you and your family achieve a favorable outcome.

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