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Adopting Your Grandchild Or Another Family Member

Parenting is hard work even in the best of circumstances. It gets even harder, however, when you have to step in to raise your grandchild or the child of another extended family member, uncertain about whether or if the biological parents will return.

At Kevin Moser Law, PLLC, we can help you assess your situation and decide whether it makes sense to move forward with legal adoption. As an experienced family law attorney, Kevin Moser can guide you toward a solution that makes sense for you and your family.

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Are You A Kinship Caregiver?

Kinship caregivers are people who are raising the children of family members or others with whom they have a family-like relationship.

Not all of these caregivers are grandparents, but in Kentucky most of them are. According to the Kinship Families Coalition of Kentucky, an estimated 59,000 Kentucky children — about 6 percent — are under the care of relatives. For 56,000 of those children, the caregivers are the grandparents.

Being in this position can be tough. Unlike foster parents, as a kinship caregiver you generally get no financial assistance for your service. You are also living with the uncertainty as to whether the parents may suddenly return — perhaps after years of incarceration or drug addiction — and take the child away.

Understanding Your Options

You may be wondering about the legal process for how to adopt a family member. This can be a delicate matter emotionally, because if the child’s parents are your own children, you may not want to bring legal action to limit their custody rights.

Depending on your circumstances, adoption may be the right option. But there are also other options, such as becoming a foster parent or seeking a guardianship.

Kevin Moser is a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer who can help you evaluate the factors involved and make an appropriate decision.

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