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Driving home for Thanksgiving? Beware drinking and driving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and millions of Americans will be traveling for the holiday. It is projected that 48.7 million long-distance relatives will travel 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving, most of them by car. The number of Americans traveling for the holidays continues to grow each year. With so many people on the road it is important to be weary of drinking and driving.

The scary truth about driving drunk on Halloween

Once the sun sets on Halloween night masses of children dressed as Elsa and Kylo Ren will be running through the streets, collecting their candy haul. While the dinner time hours will be busy with children, not long after the adults will come out to celebrate. Started as holiday for children, Halloween has become a night for adults to change into someone else. Adults should be able to have a little fun too, but if they drink and drive the consequences can be scary.


Kevin Moser Law PLLC is happy and excited to announce that today, April 12, 2016, Governor Matt Bevin signed HB40 into law, finally bringing felony expungement in legal effect throughout Kentucky.  Governor Bevin expressed support for felony expungement at the beginning of this legislative session, and the bill passed with wide bipartisan support among the ACLU, the Chamber of Commerce, and many faith groups.