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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Changes in taxes that occur after divorce

People in Kentucky who are getting a divorce may have several changes in their taxes. When a divorce is finalized by the last day of the calendar year, people must file their taxes separately for that year. If the couple remains separated but the divorce is not yet final, they can choose between married filing separately or filing jointly.

Contempt identified as the harbinger of marital doom

Divorcing couples in Kentucky and around the country sometimes find it difficult to identify the moment when their marriages became unredeemable. However, an expert on the subject claims that relationships become unsalvageable when spouses develop contempt for one another and lose sight of the qualities that led them to fall in love in the first place. Dr. John Gottman, who has written bestselling books about marital woes, came to this conclusion after observing thousands of married couples struggle to save their relationships.

How to create a financial plan after a divorce

Kentucky residents who are ending their marriages have to create a plan that meets multiple financial objectives. At the same that they are funding their divorces, it is also necessary to create a financial plan for life afterwards. Ideally, both parties will review their finances prior to signing off on the divorce settlement. During this review, individuals should get a better picture of their income and expenses as well as any assets that may be retained going forward.

Digital spying can be a new threat during divorce

The era of smartphones, social media and other technological advances can change the way that Kentucky couples think about and plan for divorce. Concerns about rumors, hacking, catfishing or the use of screenshots in court are common in media reporting and advice columns. These concerns can be even stronger when the reason for the end of the marriage involved controlling behaviors or other kinds of abuse, especially as devices like GPS trackers and technologies like smartphone apps can make electronic spying and stalking a reality with relative ease.

Dealing with a toxic spouse while getting a divorce

When some Kentucky couples decide to get a divorce, they are able to settle quickly and amicably. However, other couples are not able to do so, especially if one spouse has a high-conflict personality. These people often like to drag out court battles and create unnecessary arguments just because they thrive on this conflict. While having a spouse with a high-conflict personality may make the divorce more difficult, there are certain things people can do to make it less toxic.

A look at who may be most likely to divorce

According to data from the 2015 American Community Survey, those who have travel-intensive jobs or work in the nightlife industry are most likely to get a divorce. Conversely, those in Kentucky or elsewhere in the country are less likely to get divorced if they work as science or medical professionals. Additionally, the likelihood of a person getting divorced may also depend on how much he or she makes.

How people can protect themselves in divorce

Many Kentucky women who are going through a divorce earn significantly less than their husbands. On average, U.S. women still earn around 82 cents for every dollar that men do, and the financial setbacks that may accompany divorce can hit women particularly hard. After a divorce, the household income of women falls almost twice as much as men's does.

Why prenups are becoming more common

Kentucky residents might like to know about why the once taboo topic of prenuptial agreements is now becoming more commonplace. Since millennials are now more likely to marry older, they are also more likely to have careers, property and other assets when they finally decide to tie the knot. The desire to protect what one has built has led to couples to have frank discussions about prenups.