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We established this blog to share stories and information about topics relevant to our practice. Our intent is to regularly provide posts highlighting legal issues of local, state and national interest that we think you will find interesting. Check back later for...

Here is why you should consider a prenup

One widespread belief about prenuptial agreements is that they are only useful for rich and famous people. But this is not true at all. Prenups can benefit any couple with varying financial circumstances. Millennials are signing more prenups than ever before. Here are...

Tips to prepare for a divorce

People in Kentucky might be more likely to get a divorce in the summer. A study by sociologists at the University of Washington looked at divorces in the state from 2001 to 2015 and found that March and August were months when divorce tended to spike. Whatever the...

What happens if you get another DUI?

You swore it was never going to happen again, until it did. You made the choice to drive home after a few drinks at a friend’s house. Now, on the side of the road, you realize that there is a chance you will have to deal with another DUI charge. Kentucky has some of...

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